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11.04.2022 13:08
Top 10 Best Hollywood Singers With Highest YouTube Fan Following Antworten

There is nothing as soothing and pleasing as good music. Yes, not even cuddling pleases better than listening to a piece of good music from the best Hollywood singers. From Micheal Jackson, Freddie Mercury, Madonna, to Lady Gaga and today’s pop-star Post Malone, Bollywood singers have been sprinkling the magic through their voices.
If you wonder about the best Hollywood singers right now, we have prepared a list of the top 10 best Hollywood singers based on their YouTube fanbase. Let’s check out and add some new genres to your playlist.
1. Justin Bieber
We think this name needs no introduction. So, all we can say is – You know you love me, I know you care, you shout whenever and I’ll be there.
Justin Drew Bieber, also known as Just Bieber, is a Canadian music artist and songwriter. He got his first chance after a manager found him on YouTube in 2008 and signed to RBMG. Since that day, Bieber has never seen the ground. Justin released his debut Ep, My World in 2009, which became certified platinum in the US. Surprisingly, he became the first artist to have seven songs from the debut album on the Billboard Hot 100. He got fame by his most successful SINGLE till day – Baby. With the following awards in his pocket, he surely deserves a first place among the top 10 best Hollywood singers in the world.

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